Week 16 – Incorporation and lots of new listings

Jun 15, 2020

Hello again, welcome to the week 16 blog post of Buy Localized. Today I started the incorporation process, to make sure we can start to charge for our premium version in a few weeks, and we also added a huge 60,000 products this week after sorting out a stupid thing we did.

The Extension

This week we worked on our crawler, did some web development and worked on front end stuff. We have a search working in the backend that shows way more results and where you can search by brands and categories.  We are going to add that to the extension and make a website version, and this week we put in a lot of work towards that. We’ve got quite a few, but not all, page mockups and have had a lot of discussions about features, but we’ve got a lot of work left on it and it’s something I could have done better. If I were to go back then I would have spent a lot more time planning out needed features and making mockups so our developer would only need to do it once, oh well I’m going to be doing it better for next time. Here’s a sneak peak of one of our early mockups:


60,000 listings!!!! A huge huge week for research, we increased the amount of listings by 30%. So we had a separate queue for brands that weren’t quite complete, well a lot of them had little bugs and the larger the brand the larger the chance they would have a bug. I went and looked at them, just out of curiosity, last week and realised that due to their bias towards having more products there was an incredible amount of easy to confirm products waiting for me. You can look forward to the amount of listings identified as made in the USA increasing 2-3 fold over the next few weeks, there are so many waiting for me to confirm.

The Website

Around a week ago we published a great article we wrote, this one had a better reception than anything we have done yet. I have a good idea where to post these days and think this format is pretty good, so we will be doing more of them and once I get better at the thumbnail and snippet I think they can perform really well. They also really highlight the hard work we are doing researching products grown and/or manufactured in the USA.

It was a real nose to the grindstone week last week, and this coming week will be the same. There are hundreds of hours of confirming products waiting for me, a lot of mockups and website features to discuss and a fair bit of paperwork for the company. This was a shorter blog than usual, too much work to do!

See you next week.

Gareth Struivig de Groot is the founder of Buy Localized. He originally hails from Vancouver, and he is passionate about helping people get informed about where the things they purchase come from.
  1. Ryan Trobee

    Good luck figuring out how to monetize! This project is great. It seems like there’s a bottleneck in your process with personally verifying the status of the listings, which prevents better scaling, but I’m not sure how you would automate the process and get quality results. It’s a tough problem.

    • Gareth

      Hi Ryan!

      Our first attempt to monetise will happens in 2-3 weeks. We’ve got a huge improvement in the extension, we will let people browse by brand/category of search results. We’re gonna roll that out and then once we are ready make it a premium feature, and see if people are willing to pay 10$ a year for it. It works great, but this is going to be unlike any other subscription people pay for, which makes it a long shot.

      The research needed is the reason no one else has done this. Our competitors usually have a few hundred to a few thousand listings, because finding and categorising them, then keeping up to date, is so time consuming. We are hoping that this being an extension, so we don’t have to worry about a website, allows us to deliver the information effectively enough that we can make it a business, but most of all so we can help people buy local and not buy Chinese.


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