Week 19 Blog Post – Delayed

Jul 7, 2020

Hi, this week’s blog post is delayed, because I’m trying to figure out the best format. The original idea was that I would take my internal weekly check ups, tweak them a bit and then publish them as a way to get people invested in the project. Frankly that didn’t really work, we don’t really have many repeat readers of the blog and we’ve reached a point in the project where I think I should be a bit more secretive in our day to day.

I want a way to show that the project is going full steam ahead and to re-assure visitors to the site we are around, we are involved and everything is current. The blog does that, but in almost as bad a way as possible. So I’m going to skip posting this week, other than this, and re-evaluate what content I could post that would fulfil our goals with the website.

As always, let me know any questions or queries, see ya!

Gareth Struivig de Groot is the founder of Buy Localized. He originally hails from Vancouver, and he is passionate about helping people get informed about where the things they purchase come from.
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