Week 7 Blog Post – Feedback is the focus

Apr 13, 2020

Another week, another blog post! This week we have shifted from exclusively working on getting users, since feel we have a reasonable idea of how on how to get people interested, to spending our time thinking on how to elicit feedback. We also added a bunch of products, and fixed some bugs in the Extension.

The Extension

Our developer got a couple things done this week. Firstly we added a feedback feature. After a user does 20 searches they will get a little box in the top right, asking them if they have any feedback for us. We would love if you filled this out! We are really dying to talk to the people using the Extension so we can figure out what to make better. If it were up to me, me and my 3 team mates would be speaking to a few people a day each, though I’m unsure how much enthusiasm my team has for that. You can also click the Extension icon at any point and write a message for us, we don’t have any way to reply currently though so leave an Email address or phone number if you want us to get back to you. As well as that he was combating bugs in his beloved crawler, he’s made some improvements that 10x’ed the speed it works, but it introduced a plethora of new bugs.


5000 listings added to our database this week! Pretty standard week for us I think, in the research department. We’ve been going from the companies with the largest amount of Amazon listings to the ones with the least. The brands we look at these days have a middle double digits amount of products, which does make it a lot slower overall. We are also doing a lot of brainstorming on how to demonstrate our research. I think I’ve said it a few times in these posts, but we’ve got this huge amount of information on companies that manufacture in the US, more than anyone else we can find by a large margin, and our site really doesn’t demonstrate that. We’ve been talking with each other on content to make, stuff like that, that would better show all the hard work we are doing.

Content Creation

We’ve got another article to post tomorrow, on a glass manufacturer out of New Mexico, we will also have the first in a different type of article later in the week. The company profiles have had middling success. To be honest we do them for a couple reasons, we want to demonstrate our knowledge and passion about buying locally, and we want to get new users. Those articles are content that can be shared, and we are hoping people find it interesting, or it turns up in search results, and that we end up getting new users. That hasn’t really been happening, but I enjoy doing them so we will do ~10 or so and see where we are at. I stopped posting on Medium, but Twitter and Facebook like both these blog posts and the company profiles, and I post the blog posts on IndieHackers too.

The Website

We’ve got a number of changes on the way for the website. First of all we will make a new page for people to submit brands we have missed. We would love if people told us Made in the USA brands they think we have missed, so we will make a form to make that easy and ensure they leave all the information that could help us.

We’ve also been thinking of changing our style a bit. In the 4 months since we started attitudes towards China have gone down a lot. I was already disgusted with them, from their treatment towards Canada, but that is an attitude that is shared by way more people now. It’s also something that really resonates with our users, a lot of the people who have downloaded our Extension have done so because they are pissed of with China and they want to ensure they don’t buy any Chinese goods. As far as I know of we are the single easiest way to do that. So we’ve been thinking about changing our messaging a bit, emphasising how our Extension makes it easy to buy American and to avoid Chinese products.

If you want to help us these days, you can come talk to us! We are working hard at improving both the actual search and the search results, but we would love feedback about anything. What could we do better? Shoot us an email, you can even leave your phone number if you want us to call you back.

Gareth Struivig de Groot is the founder of Buy Localized. He originally hails from Vancouver, and he is passionate about helping people get informed about where the things they purchase come from.
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